Rubio wins Puerto Rico GOP race

Rubio wins Puerto Rico GOP race

Rubio wins Puerto Rico GOP race

Fading 2016 Republican candidate Marco Rubio picked up his second victory of the GOP primary season Sunday, winning his party's Puerto Rico primary.

Rubio, Cruz's colleague in the U.S. Senate from Florida, was projected to win the under-the-radar contest with 74 percent of the vote, well above the threshold to take all 23 delegates at stake. Sure, we're only talking about 23 delegates, but if this thing winds up being as close as Hugh Hewitt keeps predicting and is on the edge of going to more than one ballot, that might be enough to tip the scales. Ted Cruz. And the territory awards just as many delegates as some other states, such as New Hampshire, where Rubio had a disappointing finish last month.

Jose Fuentes Agostini, Rubio's campaign president in Puerto Rico, said the senator's visits made a difference. Puerto Rico is one of the few US jurisdictions that allow inmates to vote.

Early returns showed Rubio with 2,463 votes, followed by Trump with 421 votes and Ted Cruz with 276 votes. All three of the territory's superdelegates had already endorsed Rubio, who spent part of Saturday campaigning there.

Republicans in Puerto Rico are voting in the party primary.

Puerto Rico will send delegates to both parties' nominating conventions, but residents there are not permitted to vote in the general election.

For Republicans, Ted Cruz is making a small dent in Donald Trump's delegate lead after Saturday's contests. It is now allowing people to essentially cast an absentee ballot inside the caucus site instead of physically staying for a caucus count.

Any registered voter could take part, but only if they sign a document of affiliation with the Republican Party moments before casting a ballot. The network has him earning more than 73 percent of the vote.

Orlando Gomez, a retiree whose two sons recently moved to the seek jobs, said he participated in the primary because of concerns over the island's economy.

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