Highlights from the 11th Republican presidential debate

Highlights from the 11th Republican presidential debate

Highlights from the 11th Republican presidential debate

(CNN) - Mitt Romney on Friday laid out his plan for defeating or denying the Republican presidential nomination to Donald Trump in the coming weeks, while also allowing that the race could ultimately be decided at a contested convention.

While Trump will still likely walk away the leader after Saturday's contests, the day could show whether the concerted attacks by Mitt Romney along with Rubio and Cruz have worked to diminish Trump's brand.

"I don't know what impact these things have politically", Romney said, "but I do know that when my grandkids say, 'What did you do to stop Donald Trump?,' I want to be able to say something".

Trump was referencing a comment made by Rubio last week that was widely seen as a reference to the businessman's sexual prowess.

They hit Trump hard on his clothing business making their products overseas and his Florida resort hiring workers from abroad.

"He referred to my hands", Trump went on.

Countering Rubio's claims, Camerota replied, "I mean, of course, you've taken a page from Donald Trump's playbook". And Trump, in turn, said he would support whoever wins - though he seemed to find it inconceivable that it might not be him.

The billionaire businessman traded below-the-belt blows with fellow Republican contender Marco Rubio following Trump's success on Super Tuesday. "I'll support Donald if he's the Republican nominee", arguing that Trump was preferable to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. He also appealed directly to Mr Trump's supporters by saying that their desire for a political outsider to lead the country was misplaced. "And let's be clear, nothing I have ever said comes anything close to what Donald Trump says regularly on a daily and routine basis".

In one of the more freakish moments, Trump defended the size of his hands, and quipped about another part of his anatomy. I've said it last-I'm gonna vote for the nominee. "You can't trust them".

Ohio Governor John Kasich continued with his strategy of sounding positive, but failed to make a real mark on the debate.

The fact that Trump has been cruising in early primary states has a number of top Republicans in full panic mode, with some even describing it as a "Civil War" within the party.

Many conservatives including Senator Cruz were swept into Congress in 2010 and 2012 on a grass-roots Tea Party movement, and on Friday its co-founder, Jenny Beth Martin, implored CPAC attendees to choose Senator Cruz over the frontrunner. I have never heard of this.

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