Polls Show Sanders Gaining on Clinton in IL

Polls Show Sanders Gaining on Clinton in IL

Polls Show Sanders Gaining on Clinton in IL

"He's pitting Americans against each other to get votes", Clinton said before heading to IL and North Carolina.

Clinton and Sanders also discussed how each one planned to beat Trump, assuming he wins the GOP nomination.

He slammed the Republican front-runner for vowing to pay the legal fees of a man charged with punching a protester at his rally.

But Clinton added that she thinks the death penalty should still be kept "in reserve" for limited cases in the federal judicial system, citing the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9/11 attacks as examples.

"We need much more scientific research", she said.

"We can not let America have a Republican Congress, a Republican president and a Republican Supreme Court", Clinton said. Trump on Sunday tweeted that if Sanders is sending supporters to Trump rallies to disrupt them, Trump would do the same at Sanders' rallies.

COLUMBUS, Ohio- Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders attended an event in Columbus Sunday night.

Voters in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and OH will head to the polls and vote when Super Tuesday - Round 2 strikes on Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton sat down at a table of four women inside 8 Sisters Bakery on Sunday afternoon and asked for a conversation.

Similarly, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is trailing Trump and Cruz, and whose campaign may be nearing an end if Florida's Tuesday primary goes to anyone else, tried to distance himself from Trump's rhetoric.

It also comes at the end of a weekend filled with violence and disruption of Trump rallies, in which the real estate mogul pointed the finger at Sanders for the unruliness.

Specifically about the violence at his rallies and some of the comments we talked about that with Senator Sanders. Due to the rise of Trump, Dr. Majmudar was afraid for his family and wanted to know if he voted for her what assurance would he have that Clinton would face Trump and win.

"If it came down to it, I would support either of these over the Republican field", Duffey said.

"Millions of people voted for me".

Some of the topics discussed in the town hall meeting included trade, jobs and healthcare.

Meantime, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton plans to visit a union hall in Chicago Monday. Sanders lashed out at "corporately written trade agreements", which he said were created to shut down U.S factories and pay people "pennies an hour" in China and Mexico.

"Donald Trump is a pathological liar", Sanders said.

As he tried to defend himself from being accused of protectionism, he told the audience: "Nobody is talking about building a wall around the United States", Sanders said as the audience quickly caught the slip.

Election officials say a record number of Chicagoans cast early ballots for this Tuesday's IL primary election.

The rise of Sanders and the power of his campaign to tap into the grassroots movement and messaging that propelled Barack Obama to the White House can not be underestimated.

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