Caila Quinn: PISSED at Losing The Bachelorette Gig to Jojo Fletcher!

Caila Quinn: PISSED at Losing The Bachelorette Gig to Jojo Fletcher!

Caila Quinn: PISSED at Losing The Bachelorette Gig to Jojo Fletcher!

The final date with Jojo was the more emotional one. "You'll have plenty of time".

The three-hour television event will kick off with Ben taking his final two women to meet his family, hoping that their opinions will help him decide. Ben is also expected to make a huge announcement while the next Bachelorette star is also revealed. "She loves to sleep in, and I'm up at like 7:30 every morning", he disclosed. She tears up during the conversation, and Ben's dad appears really taken with her level of emotion. But while he said he still cared about JoJo, he no longer felt as much love for her because he was so committed to Lauren.

The episode started with Ben taking both the ladies to his parents. However, there is something special about JoJo.

It seems the decision was not an easy one for Ben and clips for the finale show Ben saying the decision made him, "sick". But the two aren't their usual playful, happy selves. Because there was at least a microphone, viewers can hear Jojo telling Ben that she needs something from him.

Of course, we do wonder given the last-minute change if ABC cast the season more with Caila in mind, and now has to make sure that they still have the right crop of guys for JoJo. "We haven't been tested", he tells the cameras.

Mr. Higgins ultimately chooses Lauren B., despite having doubts about their "perfect" relationship. Ben's mother, father, and he were confused until Ben announced his decision.

She even insisted that watching the show helped her because she could tell there was 'a very big difference between the way he looked at Lauren and the way he looked at me'.

Ben's confidence was shaken going into his final dates with Lauren and JoJo, given his strong feelings for both. Yes, he had an immediate connection with Lauren.

While they were still in Jamaica enjoying their engagement, Ben told Lauren B. about the extent of his other relationships to minimize surprises. But things don't stay light hearted.

But before the darling duo jets off into the sunset (or their new home in Denver), Ben pops the question to Lauren again, only with their families in the audience. They never discussed what they would do if they ended up together.

While Ben says nothing ever went wrong between them, his answer isn't enough to give her clarity as she sits in the back of her limo dumbfounded.

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