Albemarle County Ranked as One of Top Five Healthiest in Virginia

Albemarle County Ranked as One of Top Five Healthiest in Virginia

Albemarle County Ranked as One of Top Five Healthiest in Virginia

The local county's overall health ranking fell from No. 70 past year to No. 80 out of all 88 OH counties, according to the 2016 County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, released Wednesday. One out of every five rural counties in the country is becoming less healthy, whereas large urban areas are seeing improvements to overall health outcomes.

That is apparent in Black Hawk County, for instance, that saw its health outcomes and its health factors decline since last year's rankings report. But no county ranks as poorly as Philadelphia, which came in dead last. The five in the poorest health, starting with least healthy, are Scott, Fayette, Starke, Grant and Sullivan counties. "Whether it's addressing health gaps between counties or the concentration of poverty in rural or residentially segregated communities-targeting resources to the people and places in greatest need is essential to building a culture of health".

The study's methodology remained the same for some categories, using statistics compiled over several years, while others used just one year, lacking the longer vision, Rooney said. They are doing well compared to other counties in Colorado with respect to excessive drinking and along with it, alcohol impaired deaths.

The report named Phillips, Lafayette, Lee, Desha and MS counties as Arkansas' least healthy, based on the same measures.

Catlin noted that poor access to health care is only one reason for the worse health outcomes in rural areas.

However, thanks largely to Billings' two hospitals and an active community health agency in RiverStone, the county ranked fourth statewide in clinical care, including in ratios of patients to physicians, dentists or mental health professionals. And the county makes the top 10 - ranking 8th - in length of life.

The annual survey also ranked health outcomes in each county.

"It takes a collective and collaborative effort to address the factors that influence our community's health", said Dr. Bonds. I would say, some of the things you might see on the streets, for example the bike shares and the focus on trying to get people to bicycle more.

"If we're able to improve the environment, we're able to improve the health of people who live in that environment", Brock said.

Now in its seventh year, the County Health Rankings report has added three new measures of health - insufficient sleep, drug overdose deaths and residential segregation.

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