Syrian Kurds To Declare Federal Region In Northern Syria

Syrian Kurds To Declare Federal Region In Northern Syria

Syrian Kurds To Declare Federal Region In Northern Syria

The Turkish capital has ruled out a planned move by Syrian Kurds to declare a federal system in the Kurdish-controlled areas of northern Syria, arguing that such a move would not have "any validity". Nassan added that the combined territory will be called the Federation of northern Syria, and would be inclusive of all ethnic groups living there.

The United States warned Wednesday that it would not recognize an attempt by Kurdish groups in war-torn Syria to form an autonomous federal region.

"After all the blood that has been spilled, Syrians will not accept anything less than decentralization", Araj said.

A Syrian government delegation is meeting with the United Nations special envoy for Syria for the second time since indirect peace talks resumed this week in Geneva.

The idea of a federal region appears to have gained some traction lately as world and regional powers grapple with ways to end the conflict.

When government forces withdrew from Kurdish areas to concentrate on fighting predominantly Arab rebels elsewhere in mid-2012, Kurdish militias swiftly took control, led by the Popular Protection Units (YPG) of the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

He said the Syrian people would "decide collectively" on the future governance of their country.

"Syria's national unity and territorial integrity is fundamental for us".

However, if a resolution is reached by the Syrian people and their representative, and if it includes a federal system that allows for limited or semi-autonomy for different regions, Toner said Washington would not oppose it.

The declaration is expected to be made at a Kurdish conference Wednesday in the northern Syrian town of Rmeilan, the news agency said.

"The federal system would be the way forward if people would accept it", Landis said, "But they won't because they don't like each other".

"All the suggestions are now heading towards federalism", he said from the conference.

In these conditions, it would be hard for federalism to take root. They also control a separate section of the northwestern border in the Afrin area.

In January 2014, the PYD and other Kurdish parties created autonomous administrations based in the enclaves, or "cantons", of Afrin, Kobane and Jazira.

The Syrian Kurdish PYD party has been left out of peace talks underway in Geneva, in line with the wishes of Turkey, which sees it as an extension of the PKK group that is waging an insurgency in southeastern Turkey.

While the PYD stresses that it is a different organisation than the PKK, Ankara views them as the same group with different names.

But the Kurdish move, which is due to be formally declared in Rumeilan on Thursday, also appeared to be aimed at the current peace talks in Geneva.

Both stressed the need to preserve Syria's national unity and territorial integrity. "So, betting on creating any kind of divisions among the Syrians will be a total failure". Riad Naasan Agha, a member of the Saudi-backed opposition, said such issues should be decided through Syrian institutions, including elections.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the Syrian conflict through a network of sources on the ground, said the Syrian Kurdish internal security forces known as the Asayish also shelled an area containing government security buildings.

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