Ministry of Health investigating possible sexual transmission of Zika virus

Dr. Alonto says for the general population who get infected with Zika most will develop mild symptoms and they generally only last about a week. The name of the woman, identified only as a Napa County resident, is not being released.

- The latest advice and information is available on the Ministry of Health website or the Travel Safe website.

Spokesman Dr Don Mackie says the man became ill after visiting a country where Zika is now being actively transmitted and has tested positive for the virus. On 23 February, the sample tested positive for Zika virus infection by polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Thousands of children in Brazil have been born with suspected cases of microcephaly, in which infants are born with smaller-than-usual brains, which is linked to the Zika virus.

Babies with microcephaly often need close follow-up with healthcare providers to monitor growth and development. According to a report from Reuters, the agency hopes to stem the spread of the virus via donated tissues and cells used during surgery or reproductive procedures.

"The mosquito also bites the most in the daytime, but not all Aedes mosquitoes carry the disease and worse, they can also transmit other viral infections".

The mosquito-borne virus is prevalent in countries throughout South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

"Of course, we're concerned". They specifically ask you to look at bird baths, grill and pool covers, and out door playhouses. Maffei said the district has been setting out traps for the past year to check for the presence of the two mosquitoes.

Maffei urged Napans to monitor the water in and around their homes, including the bottoms of outdoor pots, rain gutters and other water collectors.

State and local health officials met in Columbus Tuesday to review Ohio's Zika preparedness.

Investigations are underway into a possible case of the Zika virus being transmitted sexually in New Zealand.

- Anyone travelling to Zika-affected countries should protect themselves against mosquito bites.

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