ISS 'nauts prepare to wrap One Year Mission

ISS 'nauts prepare to wrap One Year Mission

ISS 'nauts prepare to wrap One Year Mission

NASA is asking coders to create algorithms to improve 3D vision of its first humanoid robot in space for maintaining the International Space Station (ISS), freeing up astronauts for critical science and fix work.

The northern lights dance delicately across the horizon of Earth in this incredible photo taken by an astronaut in space. The all-time record belongs to cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov, who spent 437 days on Mir from 1994-1995.

But Kelly's year in space is coming to a close.

Robonaut 2, for those not in the know, is NASA's highly dexterous robot-astronaut that's been assisting its ISS-based human counterparts with various tests and tasks since 2011. Kelly's results will be compared with his identical twin brother, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, who is serving as the control subject on Earth.

"We need to figure out how people are going to live in space for really long periods of time", Kelly said.

Kelly signed up for the one-year mission to help NASA better understand what happens to an astronaut's physical and mental health during a prolonged stay in a micro-gravity environment.

Scott Kelly is winding down his One-Year Mission in space.

After months of eating food from pouches and cans and drinking through straws, Kelly and Kornienko will be able to celebrate their return to Earth with food of their choice.

The mission unites world-renowned scientists to conduct groundbreaking research on the human body. Then Kelly will be hustled home to Houston.

The brothers have submitted to similar medical tests for more than a year and will keep it up in the months ahead. By the time Kelly checks out Tuesday and rides a Russian capsule to a landing in Kazakhstan, his mission will have lasted 340 days. John Charles said: "This was the first time we have done in-depth omics profiles on twins". Kelly might crave his favorite food, or at least something that doesn't come out of a plastic baggie.

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