Astronaut Scott Kelly returns to the US

The mayor said Kelly is remembered by many in town, noting the astronaut serves as an inspiration for local schoolchildren. Scott said that's one of the reasons that when astronauts return to Earth, they are placed on custom beds to ensure they don't faint while they are up and walking around.

It was the longest an American ever lived in space, although nothing new for the Russians.

Kelly's closest US contender trails him by 125 days.

One of the primary things researchers will be focusing on is the effect of long-term space on Kelly's vision, according to Scott.

"Welcome back to Earth, @StationCDRKelly! Hope gravity isn't a drag!" Mr Obama said via Twitter. "I'd been there a long time, so I looked forward to leaving".

Though he's no longer an astronaut, Mark Kelly volunteered to take part in NASA's "Twins Study" with his brother.

USA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko returned to Earth on Wednesday after spending nearly a year in space in a ground breaking experiment foreshadowing a potential manned mission to Mars.

Scott Kelly attributed the success of his year in space to his NASA colleagues, family and friends.

"It was you know, leaving the space station, it was a bittersweet".

"It was a risky job". They provided blood, saliva and urine samples, underwent ultrasounds and bone scans, got flu shots and more, all in the name of science. "This mission is the latest achievement in our countries space program, but it is not the last, there will be more", Kelly says.

"There will be others".

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - NASA space champ Scott Kelly is finally back home in Houston with his family and the swimming pool that he craved throughout his yearlong absence from Planet Earth. "It is the DNA of our country to explore and we must never stop". We must lead, we must learn, and we must discover.

"To my brother Scott: Thank you for your service to our nation". "So, we hold you in our hearts". Today I head back home!

Kelly actually returned home two inches tall than Mark, who was the same height before Scott went into space. In a video provided by NASA, Kelly looked to be in good shape upon arrival and in a press conference afterward.

Everyone has been celebrating the astronauts' homecoming and it seems like US President Barack Obama was excited as anyone on Kelly's safe return.

For NASA, that mission possible is Mars.

"It was a very long trip", he said. During the one-year mission, the crew was involved in nearly 400 investigations to advance NASA's mission. They will continue to study the changes to Kelly's health due to prolonged time in space.

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