Crews start replacing troublesome lead water pipes in Flint

While Senate leaders have reached an agreement on a bipartisan deal that would help Flint and other cities replace lead pipes that have put local populations at risk, the Senate has not yet voted on the proposal.

The federal government is extending Medicaid health insurance to Flint residents up to age 21 and to pregnant women who were exposed to lead in the city's water supply.

Flint switched from Detroit's water system to the Flint River in 2014 to save money.

Almost twice as many African-American children across the country have high levels of lead in their blood as compared with white children, 5.6 percent versus 2.4 per cent, respectively.

The Lansing Board of Water & Light is providing Flint officials with technical advice on how to unearth and replace the city's sprawling 550-mile-long network of iron pipes containing toxic lead metal that has tainted Flint's water supply.

Flint's lead-contaminated water has become a hot-button issue for Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Weaver has called on Gov. Rick Snyder to encourage the Legislature to quickly approve $25 million for the first phase of the program.

Crews in Flint are starting to dig up old lead pipes connecting water mains to homes. Kildee criticized Senate Republicans for delaying the bill and noted that lawmakers who have visited Flint in recent weeks were all Democrats.

"It all depends on the money, we got contractors sitting ready to go", he said. The 9 complaints, each 40 pages in length, name six corporate entities that had various responsibilities with respect to the treatment, monitoring, and safety of the Flint water prior to and during the Flint Water Crisis.

The report found the work of the DEQ Office of Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance was "not sufficient" in terms of oversight, but also identified several weaknesses with the federal Lead and Copper Rule and the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act.

Brig. Gen. Michael McDaniels has said he is optimistic the Fast-Start plan can be completed within a one-year time frame. Waldorf & Sons Excavating crew foreman Brian Damon unhooks a lead service line - the first being removed in the city - after digging for hours on Thursday, March 3, 2016, Flint, Mich.

The official kickoff of lead service line removal comes a day after a contractor was stopped by authorities.

On Thursday, a crew dug up a service line leading to a Flint home as part of a separate effort funded by group of private, charitable, business and community groups.

In addition to McCarthy’s letter to governors, Beauvais wrote separately to state environmental agency chiefs asking them to confirm within 30 days that they are abiding by the regulations.

Director Keith Creagh said Friday the DEQ appreciates the auditor general's "thorough review" and added, "The department is committed to developing and implementing process and program improvements to address the findings in the report".

Nakiya Wakes raised her hand in a church to ask Bernie Sanders what he would do to help the people of Flint if he is elected president.

"It's been a week for me of facing and trying to hold back that level of hysteria".

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