Fox News Republican debate looks to be 2016 TV audience high

Fox News Republican debate looks to be 2016 TV audience high

Fox News Republican debate looks to be 2016 TV audience high

Trump, who arrives in Detroit after winning seven of 11 states on Super Tuesday, said he is building up and uniting the Republicans in the face of critics who include the party's nominee in 2012, Mitt Romney.

In a freakish moment in Thursday evening's GOP presidential debate, Trump dredged up a recent slight by rival Marco Rubio over the size of NY real-estate magnate's hands.

Marco Rubio unleashed a new wave of attacks against Trump over the last two weeks, casting him as a "con artist" who is trying to bamboozle the Republican Party into backing him.

The host then criticized Romney's suggestion that conservative voters unify to support different non-Trump candidates in state primaries - Marco Rubio in his native Florida, John Kasich in OH, etc. - in order to prevent Trump from securing the necessary delegates to cement the nomination. Are these small hands?

Holding them up to laughter among the crowd at the debate in Detroit, he continued: "If they are small, something else must be small. I guarantee you, there's no problem", Trump said, getting a loud, sustained response from the crowd and setting a unusual tone for the start of the debate.

Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly says she's not anticipating any more fights with Trump in the debate, and that she's preparing the same "tough but fair" questions for him as she does for other candidates.

Ted Cruz tried to take the air out of Trump's sails at one point, after a Trump interruption.

"I've wanted to be involved in the campaign, if you will, as a bit of a referee".

Romney branded Trump as "a phony, a fraud" whose "promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University" in his speech. The Colorado senator eventually relented and said he would support the Republican candidate - though he insisted it would not be Trump. If that happens, Romney said he wouldn't seek the nomination. That the people of Texas said you have kept your word.

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump didn't fare well in a presidential debate that saw him attempt to fend off a variety of low blows.

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