Adventurer who found plane part drawn to mysteries

Adventurer who found plane part drawn to mysteries

Adventurer who found plane part drawn to mysteries

MH-370, which disappeared two years ago with 239 people aboard, is the only known missing 777.

"From the pictures shown, there is high probability the plane debris is from a Boeing 777 plane", Malaysia's transport minister, Liow Tiong Lai, said yesterday, taking expectations a notch up from a "high possibility" he mentioned earlier.

Last year, an aircraft flaperon was found on the island of La Reunion, which lies at the same corner of the Indian Ocean as Mozambique.

It actually landed on Mozambique beach and is actually also following that pattern. The owner of the boat and Gibson found the plane part washed ashore on a sandbar.

The battery created to drive the locator beacon on the plane's flight data "black box" expired more than a year before the flight, Malaysian officials say in an interim report on the investigation.

"The governments of Australia, Malaysia and Mozambique are working together to arrange for the debris to be brought to Australia for examination and analysis by investigators and specialists from around the world", the spokesperson said.

The fragment was handed over to Mozambican authorities by its finder Blaine Gibson, said Joao de Abreu, president of Mozambique's Civil Aviation Institute (IACM). "Whatever it is, even if it's not from 370, it raises awareness that people need to look for stuff on beaches", said Gibson, who has been involved in the search for MH370 as a private citizen.

The deceased are Sergii Grygorovych Deineka and Oleg Volodymyrovych Chustrak, both 44 years old when MH370 went missing on March 8, 2014.

One object was "a gray or green circular object", and the other was "an orange rectangular object", the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said at the time.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is the only 777 to be missing in the region where the piece was found, the official said. The debris will be tested by officials in Australia, with help from Malaysian authorities and representatives of manufacturer Boeing Co (BA.N).

NBC cited experts as saying the debris could be a horizontal stabiliser, which is a tail part.

Authorities have long predicted that any debris from the plane that isn't on the ocean floor would eventually be carried by currents to the east coast of Africa.

As ships surveyed tens of thousands of square miles of the bottom of the ocean where the plane is believed to have gone down, Australian searchers reported extinct volcanoes, enormous ridges and cavernous trenches discovered on the seabed by experts mapping the underwater terrain with state-of-the-art equipment.

Of the 12 families who filed suit Friday, 10 were Malaysians, two were Ukrainians and one family each were from China and Russian Federation.

"The location of the debris is consistent with drift modelling commissioned by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and reaffirms the search area for MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean", the agency added.

MH370's disappearance remains one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history.

MH370 went missing on 8 March, 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Sakinab said it was "very convenient" to make Captain Zaharie the scapegoat to absolve Malaysia Airlines from claims or to divert blame from the Malaysian government and Boeing.

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