Whiskey Tango Foxtrot draws considerable laughs

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot draws considerable laughs

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot draws considerable laughs

Tina Fey was at the Times Talk for her movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot's promotion where she confirmed that the musical version of 2004 American teen comedy Mean Girls is in the works now, according to Refinery29. The filmmaking team of Glenn Ficarra and John Requa direct, with the adaptation of the real Baker (named Kim Barker) memoir coming from Robert Carlock. Some of her friends in the film are composites, too, yet the incidents mirror Barker's freakish life re-created on assorted New Mexico sets. Indeed, consider that her cameo in The Big Short is often the only thing many people remember about that movie, and it's obvious she has a tangible onscreen presence.

They were joined by her co-stars including Margot Robbie, 25, who showed off plenty of cleavage in a low-cut jumpsuit at the star-studded event.

Martin Freeman (The Hobbit), who can always pull of humorous and charming characters, does that here. "There were stories falling off of trees there, and it was about going and scooping them up in a safe way", Barker said. The brilliant Billy Bob Thornton plays a Marine general who both delightfully embodies and shakes up some of the usual military stereotypes.

"The events and moments to me were so fascinating, strange, amusing and cinematic", says Fey of the book.

"WTF" makes only cursory attempts at examining the geopolitical consequences of America's involvement in Afghanistan.

Tina Fey has dedicated her latest film "Whisky Tango Foxtrot" to her late father Donald Fey.

Three months becomes three years, as Kim evolves from a clueless neophyte to a hard-bitten war correspondent. It reminded me of Eat Pray Love, but with more bullets and less food.

"At its core this movie is a human story", Fey says. It's about relationships. It's not political.

Fey is best known for her work on Saturday Night Life.

Her Baker character also has this habit of saying that living in the "Ka-bubble", as the correspondents call their Kabul home, is not normal, that she wants to go back to the real world.

"Even though we filmed this in New Mexico, we couldn't help but get a sense of what life is like for people over there, thanks to talking to a lot of good advisers, and most importantly Kim Barker", Fey added.

Wartime comedies can be hard to pull off, especially when it involves a war that's still so present in many minds.

"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" is out in theaters today. For example, the first thing she says to Kim Baker (Fey) is about her security guard, and whether or not she can f*** him.

Or she could ask Barker who describes the movie as Bridesmaids meets The Hurt Locker. "I'm not really drunk at all!"

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