Microsoft aims to create a more versatile Windows 10

In Microsoft's demo screenshots (which of course are subject to change between now and when the Fall Creators Update is released), OneDrive placeholder files show up in Windows Explorer with little blue cloud icons next to them. The company said that it is "inspired to make Windows and Visual Studio the best home for all developers - not only for applications on Windows but app experiences that span across all platforms and all devices". One key addition of the Windows 10 Fall update will allow people to leave what they are doing on one device and pick up where they left off on another be it a Windows, Apple, or Android driven machine. But it wasn't integrated into the Windows file system and didn't work very well.

This also syncs up with Cortana so if you open a new device, the virtual assistant will ask you if you want to go back to what you were working on and open it up for you.

One of the biggest, but largely unnoticed, announcements at BUILD 2017 is all about a "new" version of Windows 10 that runs on ARM architecture and can run Win32 apps.

Windows 10 is also getting a universal clipboard, being another Apple-inspired feature.

Windows 10 users will be able to annotate a video and even add effects easily.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to bring a new way of storytelling.

With this cloud dependence, it's not entirely surprising that using Timeline and PUWILO will need either a Microsoft Account or an Office 365 account. A growing dependence on those mobile devices has reduced the role that Windows-powered PCs play in people's lives.

Last month's Windows 10 Creators update is still fresh on hundreds of millions of devices, but Microsoft is already touting new capabilities that will arrive with the next update of the operating system this fall. Press the taskbar button (or, we'd hope, Win-Tab) and Windows will continue to show your now open applications. Animations are also improved by having smoother and sophisticated motion.

Previously called "Project NEON", Microsoft continues the implementation of what we now know to be called "Fluent Design Language". Story Remix uses AI to intelligently combine the contents of your camera roll with music and transitions to create a polished video for sharing with friends. It will also let users add 3D objects to their videos and photos. Similar to Apple's Handoff, the feature uses Cortana to enable the switchover. While not a groundbreaking feature, the underlying technology used for Story Remix is pretty interesting. This means that multiple users can start contributing footage to an ongoing edit. This brings a more fluid, faster and more efficient app structure for developers, allowing them to easily work on the Windows operating system, while coding for different OSs, such as iOS and Android.

Microsoft's Edge web browser is far from being the sluggish Internet Explorer. "We are working with developers to create this new frontier in computing and want any developer to get a Windows Mixed Reality dev kit", Myerson said. The update is being called "The Fall Creators Update" and it is expected later this year.

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