Microsoft Relaunches Skype, Adds Highlights Video Feature

Microsoft Relaunches Skype, Adds Highlights Video Feature

Microsoft Relaunches Skype, Adds Highlights Video Feature

Coming first to Android - as is becoming increasingly common for Microsoft these days - the Skype redesign boasts a fresh new look that makes it clear from the start that things are going to be different around here. And unlike releases past, the new Skype will first be pushed to mobile: specifically Android, with iOS arriving in a month's time, then Windows to follow later. For instance, users can now access their camera with a swipe right, an interaction that has become popular on other social media platforms in the past few years.

You can add emojis and stickers to your highlights, sketch on highlights, add text, and do literally everything else that's possible on Snapchat Stories. And with the new Skype we're closer than ever to bringing your world together. Skype is well known and used widely for video and audio calls, but iMessage, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat and other messaging services have taken the lead for today's conversations.

The Skype Team blog explains" "We want to help you deepen connections within your personal network. Once you post a Highlight, your friends and family can react to it with emoticons or by jumping into a conversation.

On Thursday, the chat service announced a major overhaul of its mobile app, including the Highlights feature, which will allow users to take photos and videos that are visible for only a short time. Alternately, you can just send it directly to select contacts or groups. Skype, which Microsoft acquired in 2011, was a pioneer in voice and video calls made over the internet. Skype plans to add more bots, add-ins for this feature. One of those features is the Find panel which will enable users to pull price options, seating or tickets directly into the chat.

This seems like a move by Microsoft to try and rebrand Skype to appeal to Millennials, who apparently want Snapchat features in every app on their phone. Those lines also undulate when people are typing a reply, much like when you get an empty speech bubble, moving dots or a notification someone is typing in other chat apps. They've been doing it for long enough now, imitating features from Chinese social app WeChat, and even their own frenemies in the United States, Snapchat.

Skype has come up with many new changes, out which Highlights is also one. Find lets users search inside their chats to find images, restaurants and add-ins for conversations from third-party services such as YouTube or Giphy. In addition, he writes the Channeling the Cloud column for Redmond Channel Partner.

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