Trump clamps down on business with Cuba

Trump clamps down on business with Cuba

Trump clamps down on business with Cuba

"Effective immediately, I am cancelling the last government's one-sided deal with Cuba".

Mr Trump said the Obama administration's March 2016 deal with the "brutal" Castro government was "terrible" and "misguided". When Obama made the agreement and restored relations with the Cuban government, he gave them everything they asked for. "We now hold the cards".

In Cuba, U.S. tour companies were required to contract guides, tour buses and hotel rooms from the Cuban government, meaning U.S. travelers were effectively under the constant supervision of the government. "President Trump's statements indicate that the Cuban people, rather than the government will be hit by this policy change", said David Scowsill, President & CEO, WTTC.

"My administration will not hide from it, excuse it, or glamorize it, and we will never, ever be blind to it", Mr. Trump said.

Machado recently booked a trip for 120 American doctors who will be attending a conference in Cuba with local doctors, in March 2018, but he's hoping the policy won't spook them.

Trump's plan to restrict support for GAESA revolves around tighter restrictions on American visitors seeking to travel to Cuba.

Tom Long, a lecturer in International Relations at the University of Reading, and author of the recent book, Latin America Confronts the United States, told CBS San Francisco the US trade embargo against Cuba is strongly opposed by Latin American governments, which could complicate USA foreign relations in the hemisphere.

Maduro's foreign minister Delcy Rodriguez earlier on Friday pledged Venezuelan solidarity with Cuba via regional blocs including the Alba group of leftist nations founded during the friendship of late leaders Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. Many presidents, though, have predicted the end of the Castros and, to date, none have been correct.

US President Barack Obama (R) shakes hands with Cuban President Raul Castro in New York, September 29, 2015.

Mr. Trump said the USA will not negotiate with Cuba until the Castro regime schedules free and fair elections, legalizes other political parties, and releases political prisoners.

Maybe one day Trump will understand, too. "You have no choice". But owners there are feeling confident that momentum will stay even after President Trump's announcement.

"They just don't want any restrictions in that work". But "the administration's intent", the official said, "is not to disrupt existing transactions that have [already] occurred".

Trump was knocked Friday, though, from both sides. "The port is going to suffer is going to experience a setback because of that", said Valiente. "Our new policy begins with strictly enforcing U.S. law", he said.

Trump's move was a direct rebuke to Obama, for whom the diplomatic opening with Cuba was a central accomplishment of his presidency.

"So we will respect Cuban sovereignty, but we will never turn our backs on the Cuban people", Mr. Trump added. Nearly 300,000 Americans visited Cuba through the end of May this year, according to the island's National Office of Statistics.

Commercial flights from the United States will continue, as will allowing Americans to return home with Cuban goods.

Joining Trump and Vice President Mike Pence at the event were the architects of his Cuba policy, Sen. "I don't think you would see him go back to the embargo wholesale, look for ways to leverage America's influence over Cuba in a way that will encourage greater freedom for the Cuban people and economic interaction".

Under Trump's order, the Treasury and Commerce departments will be given 30 days to begin writing new regulations, which will not take effect until they are complete.

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