In Reversal, Uber Adds Tipping, Shortens Cancellation Window

In Reversal, Uber Adds Tipping, Shortens Cancellation Window

In Reversal, Uber Adds Tipping, Shortens Cancellation Window

A sign in front of the 3rd Base Gate entrance indicates to both drivers and passengers where Uber drivers may drop off and pick up patrons at the Atlanta Braves Opening Game at Suntrust Parkin Cobb County, Georgia, on April 14, 2017.

The resistance has now ended, with Uber adding tipping options for customers in Houston, Minneapolis, and Seattle.

According to an image provided by the company (left), passengers will be able to select a prompt for a tip amount or enter a custom amount.

These changes also mean some added fees for riders. If a passenger cancels a auto more than two minutes after the driver has accepted the assignment, a cancellation fee will be charged and paid to the driver.

Drivers also will be paid for the time they have to wait for a passenger when it is over 2 minutes. Uber cofounder and chairman Garrett Camp spoke out about the company's recent scandals, and its contentious relationship with drivers, on Tuesday.

A day after Lyft announced that its drivers had managed to generate nearly $250 million through its in-app tipping service, Uber has made a decision to roll out its cannons too.

Uber Technologies Inc said on Tuesday it underpaid its New York City drivers for the past two-and-a-half years, an error that could cost the ride-hailing.

Uber has always argued that it offers a seamless experience and that adding a tip feature into its app would interfere with that.

Uber's troubled CEO and cofounder Travis Kalanick has resigned after a shareholder revolt, the company said in a statement.

Uber is presenting the move as the first in a 180-day campaign to take better care of the drivers who account for all of its income and have sued it on several occasions for shorting them on ride fares and operating costs. "It's a big milestone, and to celebrate, we're rolling out improvements to help drivers earn more", Lyft announced in a blog post.

If you want to tip a driver but forgot to do so, no sweat: You can still add one for up to 30 days after your ride.

The ability to tip Uber drivers through the Uber app is likely coming to Canada by the end of the year, suggested Uber Canada spokesperson Susie Heath. Drivers will not know which riders have tipped them.

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