Ward, Kovalev do it again in light heavyweight title bout

Ward, Kovalev do it again in light heavyweight title bout

Ward, Kovalev do it again in light heavyweight title bout

(49-0, 26 KOs) and Conor McGregor are going to tangle August 26 in Las Vegas. Ward just beat the will and heart out of Kovalev.

Ward won the pair's first meeting last November via a unanimous but tight decision, with Kovalev aggrieved at the result having knocked Ward down in round two, and the rematch was eagerly anticipated.

And Ward emphasized that he was dealing with as much remorse as Kovalev was.

Ward, who won an Olympic gold in 2004 and hasn't lost a fight since he was 12, took a few rounds to find his mark but once he did the two engaged in close rounds that were hard to score.

Agnew, who had only previously lost to Sergey Kovalev and Samuel Clarkson, went into survival mode and somehow made it through the next two sessions only for the referee to spare him more punishment midway through the fourth. He is clearly a candidate for that mythical title of the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world.

As the fight progressed, body shots (and a couple of low/borderline blows) from Ward started taking a toll on the Russian. He shook off Kovalev's left hand and began establishing his own, and then found enough alleyways for his right hand. Those who would have Ward the superior craftsman confuse technique with aesthetics. Massive right by Ward to the head. By contrast and like his Kazakh neighbour, middleweight machine Gennady Golovkin, Kovalev is more upright and in-your-face, seeking a quick end with piston-like punches.

In truth it was a job to pick them apart. Ward came back though and started to go to work connecting with the left hook and becoming the heavier puncher. Regardless, he said, he plans to not only win the fight but take out his frustrations on Ward.

But not unlike their bout in November, Kovalev is crying "Foul". He's a good kid, I know him, but I just see things with him in particular.

As I complete the requirements for my AFRAM 30 class, I'm keeping a People's Eye Photography and SF Bay View newspaper eye on the events leading up to what promises to be one of the greatest rematch fights in boxing history. Ward cornered opponent at the ropes and struck him several blows below the belt. He will never fight outside of the US, never.

As CBS Sports noted, it is expected to be a very close bout again but Ward can again seize the advantage if he dictates the style of the fight.

Boxing fans can watch the Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev match live online and see who comes out ahead in the most anticipated rematch of the year. I've thought about going cruiserweight. He's dealt with accusations that some of his social media posts have been racist, with financial negotiation difficulties, with rumors that his trainer was going to leave for Ward's camp, and with Ward saying he gifted Kovalev a rematch (it was mandated in the contract for the first fight). "And you get prepared". I see things with him in particular and he's the best.

"I really don't have a lot to say about whatever they said", Ward said. "I told the press that I only trained Andre for a knockout twice", Hunter said. "About getting it done".

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