Another leadership test for Pelosi, who's weathered many

Another leadership test for Pelosi, who's weathered many

Another leadership test for Pelosi, who's weathered many

"But this is something we certainly have to discuss, because it's clear that I think across the board in the Democratic Party, we need new leadership". They made a decision to stick with Pelosi as House minority leader and elected Tom Perez, whose rhetoric has marginalized non-progressives within his own party, as chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Like Ryan, Moulton is also venting about the loss.

Pelosi herself erupted about the GOP ads last week, after Republicans accused Democrats of overly harsh rhetoric in the wake of the shooting at the Republican congressional baseball practice in Virginia.

Well, it appears that Pelosi and her team are fighting back. "It's time for some change".

"I think I'm worth the trouble, quite frankly". Warner responded to President Donald Trump's tweet that there are no recordings of his private conversations with fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, saying, "This administration never ceases to amaze me".

"We can't keep losing races and keep the same leadership in place. That's the most important part". Most notable was the appearance of Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond, the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus.

We in the press always hype special elections.

Progressive Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., a freshman who has expressed frustration with Pelosi and party's platforms in the past, argued Tuesday night that the party has to rally behind a "concrete" and "bold" economic agenda. There are plenty of reasons: her lack of support for Medicare for All, her support for a hawkish foreign policy, the fact that she doesn't oppose money in politics, and many other issues where she has stood against the working-class.

In the Georgia election, Republicans used a tactic they've been using for years, setting up the liberal Pelosi as a villain who needs to be stopped. He further elaborated that this was even worse than Trump's image. "Pelosi is the human embodiment of that".

This week seems to encapsulate numerous problems Democrats are facing.

Tim Graham of the Media Research Center had another, more objective take on what happened at the polls in Georgia earlier this week. One of their ads even features the Bay Area and branded the two Democrats together, putting his photo alongside hers on the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Democrats were hesitant to attack the President in such a historically heavily Republican district.

As popular as President Obama was among the nation's citizens, even some on the right, history shows he presided over the one of the biggest collapses of a political party in our country during his term of office.

Crowded primaries could also create another problem - the prospect that a fringe candidate can win a primary after more electable candidates split the rest of the vote, dooming the party for the general election.

"If we take back the House in 2018 then I think she'd stay leader", said Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz.

"Look, they demonized Nancy in 2010, they demonized her in 2006".

The memo talks about specific districts in Florida, New Jersey and Arizona where the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says it has "tested the named head-to-head between Republican incumbents and specific Democrats, and the results are staggering".

In the face of some fellow Democrats called for her to step down following a major defeat in a special election Tuesday, Pelosi proudly touted her effectiveness, saying she was "a master legislator" and a "strategic, politically astute leader". And she remains the party's most prodigious fundraiser, bringing in $567.9 million for the party since she joined leadership in 2002.

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