IOS 11 and the top features it will bring to iPhone 8

IOS 11 and the top features it will bring to iPhone 8

IOS 11 and the top features it will bring to iPhone 8

Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor could be replaced by facial recognition technology, according to a Bloomberg report on Monday.

Apple is testing a system that allows users to log-in, launch secure applications and even authenticate payments by scanning their face.

The phone will use a 3D sensor that can scan people's faces to ensure that they are who say they are. It's been widely reported that Apple was testing a version of Touch ID that could be embedded beneath the screen, but the company seems to be having trouble getting it to work reliably according to various reports. Speed and accuracy are understood to be focal points of Apple's new technology and it is claimed that the chip can scan a user's face and unlock an iPhone within a few hundred millliseconds.

But this year's iPhone 8 looks set to rip up the rule book once again - with a highly respected analyst predicting it will drop the Touch ID fingerprint recognition system entirely. The upcoming smartphone has been a subject of several leaks and rumours, and now popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has posted his 10 predictions for the iPhone 8, which is expected to be revealed in 2017. The feature is still being tested and may not appear with the new device.

Apple is widely expected to adopt a bezel-less display with its next iPhone, a redesign that all but guarantees the removal of the phone's dedicated Home "button". These models are likely to be called iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. Recent reports have claimed that Apple has allegedly confirmed the design of the iPhone 8- a almost bezel-less design, vertically placed dual cameras, and all-glass body. The smaller variant might sport 2GB RAM whereas the bigger, iPhone 7Plus will come with 3GB RAM to support the dual-camera.

Regarding the release date, Kuo expects Apple to unveil the new handsets in September but due to high demand, the iPhone 8 could be short supply well into the 2018.

Apple could place TouchID on the back, as some Android devices have, to boost screen real estate, or place it under the display. Kuo also predicted that the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will have more color options than the iPhone 8.

Apple's technology is rumored to be more secure as it will use 3D depth perception and won't be able to be fooled by a 2D photo.

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