PM Narendra Modi announces flight between Delhi-Mumbai-Tel Aviv

PM Narendra Modi announces flight between Delhi-Mumbai-Tel Aviv

PM Narendra Modi announces flight between Delhi-Mumbai-Tel Aviv

This year, both countries are marking the 25th anniversary of establishment of full diplomatic ties.

In addition to the Holtzbergs, four other Jewish visitors to the Chabad House were killed in the attack. Samuel has remained in Israel and was at the meeting as well.

Ariel Sharon became the first Israeli prime minister to visit India in 2003, 11 years after the countries established ties, though he cut short the visit after a series of deadly suicide attacks in Israel. "He broke protocol and came out to the alighting point to welcome me".

Modi smiled back, thanked him saying his government maintains close relations with the Ahmadiyya community back in India. He added, "PM Modi and I have made a decision to take our partnership to new heights". "I will be the director of our Chabad House", he said. "With God's help, this is my answer". Moshe ends his statement with a sweet, "Dear Mr Modi, I love you and your people in India".

"India will soon open Indian Cultural Center in Israel, that will keep you connected", PM Modi said to the diaspora, adding that direct flight services between New Delhi, Mumbai and Tel Aviv will also be launched soon. "You will come with me to Mumbai".

Moshe Holtzberg was saved by his Indian nanny, Sandra Samuel, who was treated as a heroine in Israel where she settled with the boy after the attack.

Ten militants arrived on the Mumbai shoreline in a dinghy on the day of the attack, before splitting into four groups and embarking on a killing spree.

During this three-day visit, Modi did not travel to Palestine, in a significant departure from the past when Indian leaders always visited Palestinian territories while visiting Israel.

Greeted with a warm hug by the Israeli President, PM Modi said, "I for I, India for Israel and Israel for India".

Tel Aviv, Stating that innovation and entrepreneurship were being encouraged in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday innovation and technology can boost the relationship between India and Israel. I live in Afula, but I remember our connection to Nariman House...

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