Keep up the pressure for health care

Keep up the pressure for health care

Keep up the pressure for health care

Proposed Medicaid cuts to the Affordable Care Act will remove up to 22 million people in the next 10 years from the Medicaid rolls (Congressional Budget Office). Why is it that we're still the only civilized nation that doesn't have 100-percent health care for everyone?

Senators are home to celebrate Independence Day this week. He was joined by a panel of regional health care leaders that included Dave Molmen, Altru CEO; Brad Gibbens, deputy director of the Center for Rural Health at UND; Alan O'Neil, CEO of Unity Medical Center in Grafton, N.D.; and Pete Antonson, CEO of Northwood Deaconess Health Center in Northwood, N.D.

These are among the major reasons why health insurance is becoming so expensive, and why nearly every other advanced nation - including our neighbor to the north - has adopted a single-payer system at less cost per person and with better health outcomes.

Attend a health care rally or protest in your community.

And when Americans make it to 65 and are covered by Medicare, their life expectancy is roughly the same as for Europeans who have had universal health care all their life. It's only the Republican Congress and the Republican administration, who campaigned on the promise of repealing Obamacare, who are unhappy with it.

As Staff Writer Martin Espinoza reported last week ("GOP bill may put more pressure on system", Sunday), emergency departments in the county have seen a 67 percent increase in visits by Medi-Cal patients in the past three years. This was only a few days after McConnell made a statement saying that he would not be getting a vote for the bill before breaking for the July 4 recess.

This means grassroots activism is working. Well child care lets us screen for small problems when they're still small, as well as keep vaccinations up to date.

Unlike Obamacare, the AHCA harnesses the free market, which will drive down costs and ensure Americans have access to quality care, he said.

Brings back lifetime and annual caps on care, cutting off everything from chemotherapy to post-surgery recovery care.

Instead of focusing on the health insurance issue alone, though, we should heed the remarks of Sen.

The group asked county Republicans to go on record opposing any health-care legislation that caps or cuts federal Medicaid funding. Lead to more than 208,500 deaths by 2026.

While there is an effort to move legislation out of the Senate, I've been urging my colleagues to get this legislation right - my dad taught me that it is better to measure twice and cut once. In the latter case, I mean that they are buying overpriced health plans on the exchanges not because they think it's a good deal for them but because they are being coerced by the law's individual mandate.

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