How 'Freaks and Geeks' alumni helped save the Spider-Man franchise

How 'Freaks and Geeks' alumni helped save the Spider-Man franchise

How 'Freaks and Geeks' alumni helped save the Spider-Man franchise

Dressed head-to-toe in Spider Man attire (yes, mask included) a little hero by the name of Liam entered the interview room and greeted Zendaya and Tom. While Homecoming is one of Marvel's more diverse films, Morales' existence presents the opportunity to feature a new hero with a diverse background (in the comics Miles is a Black teenager of Hispanic descent).

The web-slinging coming-of-age movie earned the third-highest Thursday preview number of the year, behind Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($17 million) and Beauty and the Beast ($16.3 million).

Eventually, around the time Peter Parker died, Prowler broke into an abandoned Oscorp lab as part of a heist - and OsCorp's genetically altered spider, which gave Peter his powers, crawled into his duffel bag without his knowledge.

"They had done these previous iterations of Spider-Man, and they really should do one of those boring breakdowns of all the miracles that had to happen for all of us to be sitting here today", Downey said during a recent press day at a midtown Manhattan hotel. The best scenes for me were with his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon).

Tony Stark has been somewhat of a father figure to Peter, something Spider-Man had longed for after losing both his father and Uncle Ben.

This builds into the other major dynamic of the film, which is where Peter fits in with the Avengers and his "boss" Tony Stark, played again, with quiet reserve this time by Robert Downey Jr. In the Ultimate Universe, Iron Man even trained Spider-Man and helped him defeat Mysterio. Almost as much a teen flick as a superhero thriller, Spider-Man: Homecoming is a decidedly lighthearted take on a familiar character and perhaps the pick, or close to it, of the Spider-Man litter.

And as for whether Toomes could come back - there's a definitive answer.

Since Zendaya has very little to do in "Homecoming", her MJ reveal is a promising one and seems to indicate she'll play a much larger role in the franchise in future films. That is largely because the movie was co-written by John Francis Daley, who starred on Feig's series as a baby-faced freshman - and who now echoes some of his character's aspects for Tom Holland's 15-year-old Peter Parker. Marc Webb more so understood Spider-Man but really missed on the Parker stuff.

The synergy between the two properties will be on further display next year, as Spider-Man is reportedly a key player in Disney's next "Avengers" film, set for release on May 4. "There were times I was bullied about dancing and stuff". It's as if Jon Watts, the director, made a ideal mashup of a cute, high school love story and a badass, heroic superhero film. "You know, I wanted to do them proud and be a sort of role model for them and do a good job with a fresh, new version of the character we know and love so well". What does Spider-Man do when there's no high building to swing from?

"I think the thing I had to remind myself of most when I took on this character is Tobey McGuire had such a huge impact on so many kids", Holland said.

That's a big deal because for five movies now, Aunt May has never discovered that her nephew is Spider-Man.

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