Weekly Jump-Start: The Republican Health Care Plan

Weekly Jump-Start: The Republican Health Care Plan

Weekly Jump-Start: The Republican Health Care Plan

They The work four months a year and collect $174,000, have great health insurance, a two-week recess for every holiday and all of August off. If you have private insurance, this issue may impact you.

The deeply flawed program he eventually passed was a compromise because Republicans and health insurance companies didn't want true universal health care and successfully lobbied against it.

What changes would bring stability to the risk pool, promote continuous coverage, increase the number of younger and healthier consumers purchasing plans, reduce uncertainty and volatility, and encourage uninsured individuals to buy coverage? All experts in health care policy should be heard by Congress and it is important the public is able to weigh in on this.

Also included in the bill are billions of dollars to help lower health insurance deductibles for low-income Americans.

Support the expansion of health savings accounts.

Daines, who has spoken out against abortion and Planned Parenthood in the past, has argued for moving funding to the 17 community health centers around the state, saying there are only five Planned Parenthood locations. Preventative care visits become an afterthought, and patients often delay treatments until conditions are so poor they can not avoid the doctor any longer. They raised the specter of a tax increase to fund national health care. Most of us are not physicians but we all are still beholden to the mandate to "first do no harm". Many of them, like the one in Kingston, N.Y., on June 30 outside Republican Rep. John Faso's office, raised the slogan of "Medicare for all". The countless meetings I've had with families, health-care providers, pharmacists, small business owners, labor unions and tribes about health care are too numerous to count. We need more providers to serve these populations, not fewer. We have made substantial progress improving health access for tens of thousands of residents in Oakland County. And even if you get your health insurance through your employer, you could be paying more for less care.

I'm all for paying our elected officials well because we need to attract good talent; however, what's been happening is that feeding at the government trough has been breeding dependency and laziness.

Let's be careful how we change the current health care law and focus more on Sen.

What if our politicians were just honest and said, "The Jimmy Kimmel test (a reference to the late-night comedian's tearful plea that we ensure that everyone can access care if they are sick or injured) is not the standard by which we will effect legislation".

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