LTE: Senate health proposal only better for the rich

LTE: Senate health proposal only better for the rich

LTE: Senate health proposal only better for the rich

McConnell's task has been to bridge this gap, and Senate Republicans are still tweaking the bill in an attempt to rally 50 votes for the legislation.

Like Mr. McConnell, however, he said failure to provide relief from wobbly insurance markets is not an option. This is the approach advocated for by Senators Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Ben Sasse, R-Neb., and President Trump.

One of the protesters were arrested for suggesting that "liberals are going to solve the Republican problem" by getting a "better aim", presumably referencing last month's attack on GOP congress members at the congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, according to Jason Samuels, Sen.

Leaders have sent two versions of a revised Senate healthcare bill to the Congressional Budget Office - one with the Cruz amendment and one without it, a GOP aide confirmed to The Hill. "That's what I am working for", Hoeven said.

During a recent radio talk show, Hoeven said there are positive elements of the Republican healthcare bills, including a fund to support people with pre-existing conditions and a refundable tax credit to help people purchase the insurance of their choice.

At the same time, however, several Republicans have been busy buying health industry stocks, the Intercept reported.

With enough Democrats on board, McConnell would have more room to maneuver.

McConnell needs just a simple majority to pass the legislation due to Republicans plan to use the reconciliation process. Of course, they would also need to rethink what the final product would look like. Yet, the entire conservative movement has essentially compromised on Obamacare up to this point.

For many conservatives, lowering insurance premiums is key. At an event in Kentucky on Thursday, he acknowledged that he might have to reach across the aisle.

Despite the president's call to action, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate will continue to pursue a joint plan to repeal and replace the system. But then again, the G.O.P.'s opposition to Obamacare was never paired with a coherent alternative. However, he has not officially endorsed the bill yet.

Democrats are confident that the Republican repeal-and-replace bill's deep unpopularity will help them persuade Republican lawmakers to abandon the legislation. They actually posted a tweet asking the former Democratic presidential nominee for her plan to fix ObamaCare. Every time another insurer bails out of the exchanges - leaving more Americans without access to any Obamacare-compliant insurance plans at all - the blame goes to the Democrats.

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