Examining AI's role in Amazon's Prime Day

Examining AI's role in Amazon's Prime Day

Examining AI's role in Amazon's Prime Day

Amazon's total revenue a year ago was $136 billion, meaning Alibaba's single day of sales would account for more than 10 percent of Amazon's total annual revenue - and that includes the vast array of Amazon's ecosystem. Sellers of popular toys including the viral fidget spinners and card games like Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme will leverage Prime Day. Lightning deals last for only a few hours, or until supply runs out. Customary cost: $650. Stay tuned with us more on Amazon Prime Day Offers 2017 (10 July ).

"While it is Prime Day, that Prime halo effect, in conjunction with the competitive response that retailers are taking, is driving a lot more sales", he said.

Other examples of rival retailers rolling out their own discounts this week include department store chain J.C. Penney, which is holding its "Penney Palooza" sale online again this year.

Well, hello! There's now 40% off everything in Amazon's Fashion category, with top labels such as Calvin Klein, Gant and Tommy Hilfiger included. The smaller Echo Dot will be $34.99. With a 7-inch touchscreen, the Echo Show provides new capabilities such as watching videos on YouTube, video calling another Echo Show, and acting as a photo album display.

The original Echo, the tall cylinder, will be cut to $89.99. That's a staggering number, very almost more than the number of households subscribed to a comparable service: pay TV.

Also this year, Amazon is including voice deals for those who use Alexa, its artificial assistant, to shop.

Last month, Amazon launched its super-fast Prime Now for customers throughout the Charlotte area.

If you encountered unexpected slower weekend sales, or maybe even unexpected slower sales the last two weeks, you need to take early advantage of Amazon Prime Day next year. Amazon has said the day has been successful, though it has been criticized as having "unimpressive" deals, the AP reports.

It's hardly a secret that Amazon's Echo family of speech-enabled devices is a surefire hit. If it's successful, it charges users 25 percent of each refund.

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