Conor McGregor explains how he's put fear in the boxing community

Conor McGregor explains how he's put fear in the boxing community

Conor McGregor explains how he's put fear in the boxing community

He told the crowds: "He is f***ed - there is no other way about it". Or were the two fighters just saying whatever they can to garner a reaction? Not only was it a talking point throughout the press conference on Tuesday - "He's in a fucking track suit!"

The boxing champ also belittled McGregor's UFC demographic. He had a ton of nervous energy, dancing to his and to Mayweather's entrance songs. Mayweather showed up in his "Money Team" apparel.

It's unclear whether the IRS has tried to withhold on Mayweather's purse from the fight against McGregor. "He can't even afford a suit anymore".

"Conor McGregor said BOTH of those things to Floyd Mayweather at the big fight news conference in L.A. and people are p****d".

Clearly pissed, Mayweather stopped shadowboxing and started to stalk toward McGregor, who quickly changed his tune.

"I spoke to Al and told him". My job is to go out there and fight against the guy that's across from me. This is a limited set of rules that makes this half a fight, a quarter of a fight. The two fighters, who have exchanged verbal barbs for months, are finally doing so in the same room.

Mayweather came up to speak.

White replied: "Funny you say that, they called me yesterday".

McGregor does not appear to have any tax issues in Ireland or the United States.

"Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, especially when it comes to media in this country", Mayweather wrote in the caption. However, there are four specific words that were uttered by McGregor to Mayweather that are the source of controversy, and they continue to reverberate one day later.

"He feels like he'll ruin events", White said ...

"You know, I like you". "Give you this great spectacle ... somebody through has got to go". That's right. Sit quiet, you little (expletive). "I'm going to have a good time".

On episode 2 of the behind-the-scenes series, UFC President Dana White arrives at Staples Center for the massive kickoff presser of a worldwide tour.

Mayweather said he had discussed his plans to quit for good at a meeting with advisor Al Haymon earlier Tuesday.

"The last time I checked he's still a professional fighter", Mayweather said of his lightly-regarded opponent.

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