Are Rachel And Bryan Still Together And Engaged After The Bachelorette?

Are Rachel And Bryan Still Together And Engaged After The Bachelorette?

Are Rachel And Bryan Still Together And Engaged After The Bachelorette?

We were so pumped to watch the 32-year-old find love as the very first African-American Bachelorette, especially after we rooted for her and Nick Viall to get together on The Bachelor.

From there, we spend the first 49 minutes of the episode with Peter and Bryan, which is how we are nearly definitely sure that Eric will be the first of the three to go. At long last, though, the finale is nigh, unless, of course, the producers figure out a way to make the finale into a cliffhanger, too. Last night, the breakdown was as follows: 31% frustration, 46% sadness, 23% happiness, 8% unnecessary sass and 1000% "well, guess I'm just gonna marry the 37-year-old chiropractor now and get on with it".

He then proposed the second time during the live portion of the show.

However, seeing how Rachel turned down runner-up Peter after he refused to get down on one kneee, fans were convinced Rachel was only after an engagement ring - and not love.

"My biggest fear is saying goodbye to somebody I'm not to say goodbye to", Rachel said, fighting tears.

It came down to Peter and Bryan. Abasolo said that they didn't have any details on what their ceremony will be like, but they do know "a time of season". Rachel was appalled by her family's behavior and was there to stick up for him. Oh sure, blame the victim. Her feelings for Bryan always seemed genuine.

"I do love you", she tells Eric unconvincingly.

Rachel thought he was too ideal, but is there such a thing? "We just want to build our lives together in a normal sense", she added. He also asked her if she was happy, and she said she was.

When sitting down with host Chris Harrison, Lindsay said she didn't know what would happen after she walked away. At the fantasy suite stage, he expressed apprehension about actually being engaged at the end of the show. The couple stumbles upon an open field where they board a hot air balloon and embark on a scenic bird's-eye tour of Rioja. The producers try to create some drama by talking about Rachel "but" it's pretty clear they like each other a lot. "You shouldn't make a decision with lifelong implications based on a reality show where you invested two months". She is smitten. Who wouldn't fall for a guy who called her "Big Rach"?

Does this mean Peter is out of the running? Rachel tells him he's the most constant factor throughout this process and he tells her, "I'd be the most heartbroken I've ever been in my life", if she didn't choose him.

Don't let her tell you she followed her heart. No.

Early Monday, Kraus took to Instagram to post a suave model shot of himself in a royal blue sport coat - the picture he submitted to the show in 2016 for casting. Basically, we felt like Peter was perpetually penalized on this show for not wanting to propose at the end of it.

"When I first stepped out of that limo, I knew I was in for the ride of my life", Bryan began. Honestly, though, no one can. No one in America buys this, not even Bryan's mom. She was ready to send him home but chose to see it through.

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